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The Mothers

"that was a breath of fresh air...hearing songs about nits and babysitters and all that..."

Look at our Press:

July 2006. Full House - Band of Mothers

Mother and Baby Magazine

Punk Rock Mums Create a Festival first for Derby Derby evening Telegraph May 2006

Derbyshire Today January 2006 "Mums find a Musical Voice"

Derbyshire Today January 2006 page 2

Grazia Magazine August 2005 "Rocking all over the, erm, Kitchen"

Mothers Set to Rock New york Derby Evening Telegraph March 2005

The Guardian May 2004 "Never Mind the Horlicks"

Derby Evening Telegraph May 2004 "It's a City First for Punk Frock"

Punk Mums Rip up convention Page 1 from Derby evening Telegraph May 2004

Punk Mums Rip up convention Page 2 from Derby evening Telegraph May 2004

excerpts from the press:

Never Mind the Horlicks

"Conveyed in a rush of three chord blitzkreigs, the manifesto of punk band the Mothers is not quite what you would expect. For one thing, their name is literal: each of the five band members is a mum. "Unashamed celebration of motherhood in all its glory is what our songs communicate" says drummer Izzy Drury. "Not in a twee sense, mind you, but with passion and humour" The Guardian

City First for Punk Frock

"..rather than singng about anarchy in the UK, like 1970's punk rockers the Sex Pistols, the mums' original repertoire of self penned songs celebrate motherhood in all its glory, including burning the tea and battling with nits. Andy Sewell, landlord of the Victoria Inn said "I was delighted to let the Mothers perform here. Promoting new bands is extremely important to me. The women did a sterling job." " Derby Evening Telegraph.

People in the audience at The Mothers gigs have said:

"That was the best night out I have had in years” (a student) “I thought it could be either really embarrassing or really good, and luckily it was really great!” (a musician and dad) “The Mothers is the first rock music I have ever liked in my entire life. I felt really connected to the women in the band.” (a mum) “That was excellent!!!! I am DEFINITELY not having any more children!” (a dad) “I could really relate to your songs as a dad. They were a fun look at being a parent” (a dad) “can I have a go on the drums”(a kid)

The Mothers’ music has been described as “an intoxicating brew containing a measure of punk DIY, a dash of riot girl, a shot of mum rock and a twist of ska, all expertly blended together by 5 fantastic women. Best served live or chilled in the comfort of your own home. Probably the best mothers in the world!!” Nick Ratcliffe

“I have spent countless evening watching 4 pale boys hiding behind their instruments and haircuts delivering obvious chords and sixth form poetry with an absolute absense of charm and humour. The Mothers are the antithesis of this. These 5 women exude confidence, energy and wit and proudly sing and shout about real things without a trace of poe faced seriousness. And they actually look like they’re enjoying themselves…as do the audience… as do the kids…” Paul Drury