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The Mothers

Download our first album "Ovulation" from i-tunes

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c.d. "Ovulation"

Tracks Include:
baby madness;   my belly dun full o!;   oh no! I burnt the dinner again;   baby dilemma;   planet mum;   the nit song;   wicked stepmum;   babysitter;   wild and crazy;   we love kids;   punkymum; You can get a cd from CD baby.

Mom Aid

The Mothers were featured on a USA compilation cd. The project was coordinated by Placenta, and Soulmine Records, and featured mum artists. Any profits from it will go to UNICEF

Rockin Moms compilation

The Mothers were featured a compilation of mum artists coordinated by Tiffany Petrossi at Rockin Moms.